MOSES – Findings

For the best part of 2018, London’s MOSES were churning out anthemic but punk led singles. Earlier this year, changed tack with ‘I Think You Worry To Much’ to provide a shimmering pop song. Their latest single ‘Findings’, again leans towards the alternative pop world.  

With the whimsical aspects of Coldplay and Snow Patrol in the 00s pomp at play, MOSES have delivered a slow building number in that vein. This is no indie rehash though. There something so beautifully fragile about MOSES and frontman Victor in particular. As leadership implodes and institutions crumble, MOSES (among others) continue to deliver great pop art and somehow, they do it with kindness.

*Image courtesy of Ana Ban Ana

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MOSES - I Think You Worry Too Much

Moses are steadily becoming the success story with which all bands knocking around pub back rooms should take inspiration from. At the brink of splitting, they came back with the kick ass indie-punk singles 'Cause You Got Me' and 'River Thames' in 2018. They've since been signed to These Bloody Thieves and are soundtracking Rio Ferdinand's film '90 Minutes'. Good things do happen to good people.

They're back again with their new single 'I Think You Worry Too Much'. A much more laid back affair than their previous efforts. Adorable and infectious, the early work of The Kooks springs to mind. As ever with MOSES though, an integrity and earnestness shines through their work, setting them apart from their peers. The tag 'lifer' was invented for people like MOSES. Whether it be Brixton Academy or Water Rats, they will bring the honesty shown on this single to anyone who does or doesn’t care.

Musically, this is the first time we have seen the London outfit move away from their Art Brut meets Blur crash bang wallop sound. Everything about this single hook laden. The Funk of the bass and the glam-stomp drums clear the pathway for anthemic chorus and the almost dreampop jangle of guitars.

In times of such division, MOSES might just be the tonic of togetherness to knit us all back together again.

*Image courtesy of Ana Banica

MOSES – River Thames

Things are afoot for London’s MOSES. Their recent single ‘Cause You Got Me’ took their monthly Spotify plays from 1.8k to 193k. They supported the UK’s hottest band The Blinders and now, they’ve returned with their new single ‘River Thames’.

Produced by the legendary Gil Norton (Pixies & Foo Fighters), ‘River Thames’ kicks politicians’ banalities about “communities being left behind” into, well, the river! At its core, is a belief in people, a romanticism in their lives, a song writing trait that has drifted away in recent times.  

The sound of the underdog is so often, one of kicking and screaming at injustice (and quite right too). Here though, they’ve bypassed that and gone straight to euphoric victory. It’s a Sunday league football win, it’s a prank on your best mate. This is the re-emergence of believing in ordinary people and ordinary things as the greatest subject matter on earth.

 *Artwork by Ana Ban Ana