One love: The Stone Roses @ Wembley Stadium

"I'm eating sand when I need air"

Perhaps an understandable mood for London considering its terrorist attacks, the appalling loss of young life in Manchester and the unnecessary tragedy of Grenfell Tower. The concourses were awash with talk of the latter as its blackened state loomed depressingly in the backdrop of this great stadium. 

Thank god then, for four Manchester icons. Superstars to this adoring 90,000 crowd, they still represent everything great about working class people in the UK. With roots firmly in the mid-80s Paisley scene and a peak in the second summer of love, The Stone Roses show just how brilliant working class people can be when they unite with passion and love.

Opening with ‘I Wanna Be Adored’, a huge euphoric release is unleashed the moment Mani snaps out the thumping bass line of this classic. Everyone knows a greatest hits set is coming but, the early appearance of the Mersey-psyche singles ‘Elephant Stone’, ‘Sally Cinnamon’ and Mersey Paradise’ gave a sweltering crowd a brevity so badly needed. Squire’s gliding guitars are exquisite as the spirit of Roger McGuinn echoes around this huge crowd. 

Whilst the Roses have been back in the consciousness for a few years now, the sense that every live gig is something special has not faded.