Stone Roses

Gazelle – Young Blood EP

Leicester’s Gazelle have been setting the underground circuit alight with their brand of rock ‘n’ roll in 2019. This past Friday marked their debut EP release. Can ‘Young Blood’ keep the ball rolling?

Escapism and attitude are the bedrock of this EP. ‘Guilt Trip Gun’ pairs self-doubt and realisation that sticking two fingers up to the world is the only way through it! John Squire’s paisley era (Sally Cinnamon & Mersey Paradise) is reignited on the solo. Meanwhile, ‘Finger On The Trigger’ is inescapably for the young. Angst ridden and driven to break free of their shackles, Gazelle again look to the Roses with the bravado of Stoke’s All The Young.

On the title track and ‘Young Blood’, they begin to showcase there is more to them than just bangers. The former takes The Cure’s archetypal guitar sound and splices it with a rock’n’ roll desperation. Had it sound tracked the tunnel scene of Perks of Being a Wallflower, it would not have been out of place.

‘Diamond High’ taps into the innocent energy of Gerry Cinnamon. Taking a stripped back approach to the Roses rippling guitars, they’ve found a wholesome and everyman sound that’s made Shed 7 so adorable down the years. The sentiments of ‘Live Forever’ prevail on ‘Diamond High’ beautifully in lyrics:

“I get lost sometimes / Your always in mind / I promise you and I / can forget the rest of the world”

 This kind of no nonsense romanticism is destined to bring them huge success!

Friday 2nd August marks our 8th birthday. Come down to the New Cross Inn for a night of great live music. Tickets available here:

Cellar Doors - Cellar Doors

San Francisco trio Cellar Doors release their self-titled debut album via the Spiritual Pyjamas label on the 15th February. They've played limited shows in the UK but, on this showing, like Melbourne's DMA's, its set to become their spiritual home.

In the digital age, the concept of the killer opening track has dissipated some what. Cellar Doors have revoked this notion on 'City Girl'. Combining Krautrock and the aggression of Kasabian's debut album, they have delivered a truly death defying piece rock n roll. Young listeners will see this as their moment, their release from boredom. Older rock n rollers, inevitably will be closing their eyes and reminiscing of their first summer of discovery to this hazy anthem.

They say timing is everything and, as Sex Education grips the world on Netflix, Cellar Doors coming of age debut appears right on cue. The danger of 'City Girl' conjures up images of Mauve's middle finger salute and the Velvet Underground tones of 'Pale Blue' should have sound tracked the Otis and Eric's relationship.

'In A Dream' also has those teenage hallmarks of escape. The racing energy of the Roses on 'She Bangs The Drums' emerges alongside the motorik of Neu and the distorted bliss of Jesus and Mary Chain. For fans of Creation Records and the spirit Alan McGee, this is indeed a dream.

There are moments of sublime pop majesty. 'Prism' sees singer Sean Fitzpatrick deliver an angelic Paul Weller vocal circa 'English Rose' vocal amid an eruption of Kasabian's 'Reason Is Treason'. The sex and danger of Fitzpatrick's guitar playing on 'Sirens' should hopefully banish the banal dross of Arctic Monkeys for good and, on 'Frost', they have an anthem for the ages. Complete with Depeche Mode's darkness, Neu's motorik, and the lightness of early John Squire guitar playing, 'Frost' is a haunting psychedelic pop behemoth.

Is the music industry capable of being taken over by the sound of angry poetic young men anymore? We're about to find out.

Lacuna Bloome: Nambucca, London

Brighton's Lacuna Bloome are the perfect example of why the UK needs This Feeling. At This Feeling's 'Big In 2019', they were brilliant in flashes but by no means the finished article.

For some, that won't compel gig goers to Lacuna Bloome's next outing. However, we urge you to be a part of this journey. Anyone who witnessed an early Emily Capell or Trampolene gig will attest to the notion of a long rewarding journey.

Their were moments on 'Alright' and latest single 'Find Your Way' that guitarist Sam Leaver founder the paisley spirit of John Squire. The little flourishes of Roger McGinn's psyche and the free flowing nature of the Primals debut album had the Nambucca's crowd loosening those shoulders.

The ambition displayed on the closing two tracks brought a warm glow to an audience desperate to have more heroes migrate to bigger venues. It also allowed the bands personalities to shine through. Front man Niall, a steely introverted frontman is countered by the showman Leaver on guitars. Much like their idols, they have one of the most fluid drummers in the game in Noah Haines and, in Molly Walker, the coolest bass player since Mani.

Everything is coming together for this band, we urge you to be there sooner rather than later!

*Image courtesy of Alice Sutton

One love: The Stone Roses @ Wembley Stadium

"I'm eating sand when I need air"

Perhaps an understandable mood for London considering its terrorist attacks, the appalling loss of young life in Manchester and the unnecessary tragedy of Grenfell Tower. The concourses were awash with talk of the latter as its blackened state loomed depressingly in the backdrop of this great stadium. 

Thank god then, for four Manchester icons. Superstars to this adoring 90,000 crowd, they still represent everything great about working class people in the UK. With roots firmly in the mid-80s Paisley scene and a peak in the second summer of love, The Stone Roses show just how brilliant working class people can be when they unite with passion and love.

Opening with ‘I Wanna Be Adored’, a huge euphoric release is unleashed the moment Mani snaps out the thumping bass line of this classic. Everyone knows a greatest hits set is coming but, the early appearance of the Mersey-psyche singles ‘Elephant Stone’, ‘Sally Cinnamon’ and Mersey Paradise’ gave a sweltering crowd a brevity so badly needed. Squire’s gliding guitars are exquisite as the spirit of Roger McGuinn echoes around this huge crowd. 

Whilst the Roses have been back in the consciousness for a few years now, the sense that every live gig is something special has not faded.

Stone Roses – Beautiful Thing

After the poor man’s Beady Eye debacle that was ‘All For One’, the Roses have found their form. Ian Brown’s influence reigns supreme as he invokes his ‘Golden Greats’ solo era. The beats and production allow Brown to deliver trip-hop style lyrics to their Mancuninan swagger in the verses and then just beautifully drift away.

All the combinations are working their magic on this record. Brown is the undeniable star of the show which holds back Squire’s guitar wizardry. A good thing, it allows various trippy manifestations to come through in short blasts, which, makes the psyche solo a reward rather than an inevitable outcome.

As ever, Mani and Reni hold everything together with their iconic groove and style. Old or young, their unique class remains. The alternative soundtrack of the summer begins right here.