Lacuna Bloome: Nambucca, London

Brighton's Lacuna Bloome are the perfect example of why the UK needs This Feeling. At This Feeling's 'Big In 2019', they were brilliant in flashes but by no means the finished article.

For some, that won't compel gig goers to Lacuna Bloome's next outing. However, we urge you to be a part of this journey. Anyone who witnessed an early Emily Capell or Trampolene gig will attest to the notion of a long rewarding journey.

Their were moments on 'Alright' and latest single 'Find Your Way' that guitarist Sam Leaver founder the paisley spirit of John Squire. The little flourishes of Roger McGinn's psyche and the free flowing nature of the Primals debut album had the Nambucca's crowd loosening those shoulders.

The ambition displayed on the closing two tracks brought a warm glow to an audience desperate to have more heroes migrate to bigger venues. It also allowed the bands personalities to shine through. Front man Niall, a steely introverted frontman is countered by the showman Leaver on guitars. Much like their idols, they have one of the most fluid drummers in the game in Noah Haines and, in Molly Walker, the coolest bass player since Mani.

Everything is coming together for this band, we urge you to be there sooner rather than later!

*Image courtesy of Alice Sutton