Rats ft Skinnyman – Jack

Musically, there’s an array of indie-punk bands reigniting the mid-00s scene at the moment. Liverpool’s RATS are key to the scene, and have returned with their new single ‘Jack’ and, it might just set them apart from the pack.

Unlike so many of the 00s scene, RATS have a visceral social comment and are willing to creative risks in delivering it. For the most part, ’Jack’ conforms to many indie reference points of the 15 years, and does it expertly. It’s great pop music.

Then, the introduction of Skinnyman changes everything. The return to depression era employment tactics is ruining lives. All the while, the givers of zero hour contracts get tax breaks (FUCK BORIS). Step up Skinnyman! His aggressive climax is the sound of the downtrodden getting nose to nose with their oppressors and demanding change!

 *Image courtesy of @ChrisDriverPhoto

RATS: The Social, London

“When Jake Bugg went to number one it made national news headlines. Why? Because he never went to stage school nor graduated from Brits academy. He didn’t enter Britain’s Got Talent nor summit himself to the humiliations of X-Factor. He made headlines because he is just an ordinary kid from a state school……I can’t believe there aren’t plenty of teenagers out there with an ear for a good tune and a chip on their shoulder who have something to say to us.”

Billy Bragg, The John Peel Lecture, 2015

Introducing to you, Liverpool’s Rats! They headlined Creation23’s night at The Social Tuesday night and displayed said fire and skill.

Their brand of working class indie-punk always gets lost in the mix when the majors and x-factor types dominant the industry. However, with singles like ‘Weekend’ and ‘Figure It Out’ in their arsenal, eventually the keepers of the gate will be forced to open.

The latter, was explosive and right in the slot that will carry them to big venues. Throughout the set, elements of all their songs threatened to reach this level. Despite not being as fully formed; Rats are very much a band in the ascendancy. The wit and angst in their delivery of upcoming single ‘Jack’ and the emotive hooks of ‘Dreams’, it’s easy to imagine them as Liverpool’s answer to The Courteeners.

Awash with tales of sex, drugs and violence, Rats, like Jake Bugg in 2015, shouldn’t be considered an anomaly. On this showing, it won’t be long before they are lauded in the same light as Bugg. Woe betide anyone who stands in their way.

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