Ride – Future Love

Ride are back and once more teaming up with Erol Alkan on their new single ‘Future Love’.

There were some genuine moments of quality on ‘Weather Diaries’ (‘Lannoy Point’, ‘All I Want’, ‘Lateral Alice’) but, a lack of clarity at times (‘Charm Assault’, ‘Weather Diaries) meant the disappointment of ‘Tarantula’ had not been fully laid to rest.

However, it was clear from the ‘Nowhere’ tour in 2015 and the supporting tours of ‘Weather Diaries’ and EP ‘Tomorrow’s Shore’, the band were in sync again.

This is self-evident on the happiness permeating ‘Future Love’. Iconic singer/guitarist Andy Bell told Pitchfork it is “about the beginning of a relationship, when everything feels possible.” The romanticism of this notion is everywhere. Lyrically, it’s as sweet a pop single you’ll hear all year.

Ride diehards though, may make a different leap. One which imagines the lyrics being about Ride members being in love with the band again. It has the pop ecstasy of ‘Twisterella’ and the escapist warmth of ‘In A Different Place’. They may have been back for five years, but now they are home.

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