The King Blues

The King Blues live @ Chinnerys, Southend

Well on a cold Tuesday evening, The King Blues walked into Southend’s Chinnerys and took pride in who they wanted to be, punk rock legends.

For only their second gig in 4 years, opening with a spoken word piece might have been risky move. For King Blues’ leader Itch however, this was no gamble. For any budding performers, this is how you do it. During ‘What If Punk Never Happened’ he makes the crowd laugh, angry, cry, hopeful and entertained by meaning every single word of the poem.

New single ‘Off With Their Heads’ sends the crowd into a frenzy and ‘Taxi Driver’ almost brings about a riot. This is no reunion gig to earn a few quid. The band are back and their small army are ready for the journey once more.

The rest of the gig is made up of their back catalogue and in short, is punk rock heaven. ‘Mr Music Man’ has the crowd skanking as one whilst ‘Headbutt’ and ‘Lets Hang The Landlord’ to name but two, send a raucous crowd into frenzy.

Every band will love their fans and vice versa. With the King Blues though, it’s different. There is affection between the two, as if their performance is an act of kindness where they drag a mate out of the gutter. Not to do a disservice to the band but this largely comes from Itch. Is there anybody who embeds as much emotion into each song?

10 years on, he still has time for everyone at the merch stall afterwards and for a this drunk adoring journalist in the bar afterwards. It’s not for good PR or the chance to sell a few more t-shirts. It’s because he genuinely got love, so much love, love in his heart and it’s a feeling he will never let go. 

The King Blues - Off With Their Heads

The King Blues are back with a bang ladies and gents. Older, wiser and old wounds healed among the band, they have hit the ground running with a punk rock banger.

We recently wrote about Victoria Hume's terrific measured political attack 'Ungoverned'. Her track was the musical equivalent of an intelligent Question Time audience response. Itch's is a furious polemic looking for swift and violent action.

Musically this everything you would expect from The King Blues. Itch's distinctive punk rock via hip hop vocals are met with thunderous riffage a la Crass and Minor Threat.

Lyrically, it is scathing of the Syria bombing campaign. Itch is riled by the 'bastards in power and nobody stopping them' and this is his response. Also, their is a great reference to 'Save The World, Get The Girl' in the opening blast:

“This is isn't stupid / It's stupid the sequel.”

It's great to have them back but better still, the video has been watched by 250,000 people inside 24 hours. It fills our hearts with joy that a King Blues audience still exists. It feels it with hope that so many are open to such a visceral record.

The King Blues tour kicks off tomorrow in Norwich. Get out and support them.