The Velvet Hands: Live in London

“Everybody's looking for last gang in town
You better watch out for they're all comin' around”


Falmouth’s The Velvet Hands kicked off their intimate sold out tour off at London’s Roadtrip & The Workshop this past Tuesday night.

The Clash had a gang mentality, The Libertines had it and now, The Velvet Hands have it! Despite the rock n roll, the punk fury and the icey coolness of the vocals, they have warm embracing nature. It’s so inviting that, on the modern classic ‘Party’s Over’, the raucous crowd invite themselves on stage for a dance.

On the debut album record, The Strokes influences were plain to see. Live though, they transcend their NYC heroes. As the BRMC inspired ‘Sick of Living’ catches fire, their welcoming spirit permeates the sweat drenched room. What Richard Hawley does via pop couplets and enriching arrangements, The Velvet Hands are doing with garage punk rock.

New singles ‘Don’t Be Nice To Me’ and ‘This Feeling’ also go down a storm. The word is out! The former, a Cribs meets Strokes banger is the pick of the bunch with its ecstatic closing moments!

Brace yourself Britain, you’re about to get new national treasures!

*Image courtesy of Craig Taylor-Broad