James Dey - Autumn EP

Leeds artist James Dey has released his third EP of the year. Creating one for all four seasons, he now embarks on his ‘Autumn’ edition. Here is our track by track review:


Like the Spring and Summer affairs, the opening track is an instrumental piece (well, 95%). It’s a simple, well-honed piece, signifying the beginning of autumn. Life is still in the air, hope of one more great adventure before winter lingers. The hatches have not been battened down yet!


The autumnal feel, arguably the most tangible of all seasons in alternative music has been nailed by Dey here. The gentle loss of life to the beautiful golden scenery permeates throughout. The addition of Fie Meneghello vocals gives the EP a joyous sheen.

It conjures images of a couple so completely in love, they annoy all and sundry around them. They are going to eek every last ounce of fun out autumns glow.

Autumn in Lisbon

The dual vocals continue but here, they stray form folk into indie pop territory. So much so, this would not be about of place on Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like Peasant’ album.


The close of autumn is nigh, death is upon us. Winter is coming! Dey encapsulates the big weather change with a gear change musically too. The gentile ebb and flows become more drastic.

As a result, it’s Dey’s most difficult piece of music to dat. However, when the isolation of the acoustic guitars combining with the sublime and aimlessly meandering orchestration, it’s clear, the complexities on show are more rewarding than his previous efforts.