Argh Kid – Riot

Manchester’s Argh Kid has been one of the shining breakthroughs in 2019. Less than a week after they released their debut EP ‘Derelict Dreams’, he returned with the explosive single ‘Riot’.

The raw power of Public Enemy combines with the Beastie Boys outlaw instincts to provide well timed assassination of government. As the visceral production takes hold, just consider, in 2 months, an unelected leader has lost 6 votes, 2 court cases, stated no custom checks in NI, stated there will be custom checks in NI, sacked members of his party, and dithered on about Jason Donovan. What a time to be alive!

Thankfully, leadership comes in many forms. UK spoken word artist Dave Scott (aka Argh Kid) has stepped up to the plate. His distinctive Mancunian vocals adopt venom of Jason Williamson and aggro yet melodic tones of Tom Meighan circa ‘Club Foot’.

Meanwhile, all around him a bassline throbs to echo down the ages. The guttural hook is soul shaking and, as Scott decrees “don’t believe the shite”, a breed of patriotism you can be proud of emerges. Not the bloated lunch on expenses, Churchill wannabee guff of Mark Francois!

Put simply UK Hip Hop hasn’t felt this vital since the early work of Kano and Dizzee Rascal. It’s pure, its violent and it’s working class intelligence from the gut!