Tom Hingley Band - I Love My Job

Despite Tom Hingley's relentless touring, it's been five years since his previous release 'Sand & Paper'. Had the creative well finally dried up?

Those questions are allayed as soon as the church bells of the intro finish. 'I Love My Job' has the fire of an insurgent band in their early twenties. Us versus the world oozes from it at almost every turn.

There is an odd dialectic at play. On the one hand, there is the youthfulness of the 'This Is England' cast running through the derelict house. 'Black Light' and 'Beggars Hand' exude a raucous attitude and, 'Bullet', with its BRMC meets latter day Johnny Marr vibe, is rock n roll at its unbridled best.

On the other hand, there is the reflective 'Glory Days' and the emotive 'Beautiful Girl'. For any Inspiral fans, this trip down memory lane captures the essence of who they were but, Hingley, leaves them in no confusion on the last line “its over now”. For all those yearning for an Oasis reunion, we refer you all to this song. Remember what you loved young and at its peak.

'Beautiful Girl', charts dangerous song writing territory, the love of their child. It doesn't scream excitement but, it on album of such intensity, it provides the brevity it desperately needs. The Hollies and Spector-esque production provide an avenue for Hingley's ode to his daughter.

Frustration with the world, it's a young mans game right? Hingley hadn't heard. Through every angry riff and pulsating vocal, Hingley is screaming to be heard like every teenager in a band should be. You would never know this is a man with 40 years in the game. This is the sound of desperate rock n roll longing to change the world.