Avalanche Party: Water Rats, London

When the music weekly magazines were at the peak, they uncovered 'scenes' in little pockets of the UK. In a disparate digital age, this seemed to have evaporated. However, what IDLES, Cabbage, Shame, The Blinders and now, Avalanche Party, are proving that they do, only on a more widespread level.

Avalanche Party, from Yorkshire, come from the garage rock end of the spectrum but, they undeniably belong to the 'punkadelic' movement taking over the UK. Leading them, the soon to be iconic Jordan Bell. He transcends music with his theatrics. Every hand movement and every foray into the crowd sends the message 'you will love and understand us'.

Through his antics and tight musicianship, they create a platform for the ferocious beat poetry to flourish. Expressive as this is, there is a litany of slogans roaring to the surface for fans to hang on to. 'You aint stopping a hero', 'revolutions high', and 'redefine your notion, of the best a man can be' form a holy trinity of moments this crowd want to rip from their intestines and wear as a badge of honor.

On 'Revolutions High', something truly special happens. They create a freeness to what is essentially a garage rock number. The passion and venom that emanates from them is tangible. It's now not enough to just play well, Avalanche Party have taken the familiar and forged a new path to fight against Daily Mail reading, Reece-Mogg appeasing wankers of this world.

The bar has been raised!

Image Source: Rhys Skinner https://www.rhysskinnerphotography.com/