Breed: Chinnerys, Southend

Dear aspiring bands, in-between gigs, do as Clacton's Breed do, get better! Back in April, Breed played London's Water Rats and oozed potential. Last night in Southend, it all came together.

They're playing has sky rocketed and, as a result taken them ot a menacing new level. The whiff of sex and violence looms large in every song and, in frontman Jake and guitarist Max star power is emerging. The pair have that Richey Edwards '4 Real' factor about them. Dangerous and brutal, they brew a frothing disorder as their stomping rock n roll pounds away.

By the time of set closer 'Get With It', the Chinnerys faithful all know one thing, these small crowds wont be thing for long. Their blend of wayward psyche and brutal rock n roll is too powerful for other bands to share the stage with them.