Get Cape Wear Cape Fly! - The Unconventionals

After the triumphant return of Sam Duckwork’s moniker Get Cape Wear Cape Fly in 2018, the Southend troubadour is back with a one off single. ‘The Unconventionals’, written, recorded and put out in 24 hours is out now!

Musically, it has all the hallmarks of Get Cape's introspective pop music. The hope and critique of Billy Bragg is once more prevalent. However, sonically, this feels like a leap off moment for Duckworth. Whereas 2018 was reinvention of the hopeful Get Cape sound relevant to 2018, ‘The Unconventionals’ treads pastures[AM1]  new.

This is a single, lyrically embedded in the political mess of today. However, Duckworth’s guitars are less hopeful indie kid and more Wilco via New Orleans ray of sunshine. It’s a seed of proof that there is a way forward, the dross of Brexit will not be forever.