Thousand Yard Stare – It Sparks!

When Thousand Yard Stare returned in 2015 at the 100 Club, no one could have foreseen the two fine Eps that followed. Such was their quality, most believed this was then riding off into the sunset on top.

The gigs kept coming though, and now, it’s coming full circle with another 100 Club date on October 3rd. To mark the occasion, they are releasing a new single 'It Sparks' via Stifled Aardvark Records.

Recorded at Raffer Studios in Kent (with Callum Rafftery), it continues in the vein of the Eps. Adopting new directions into their underdog spirit. The pomp and pomposity contained in the orchestral opening melts into House of Love via The Cult's guitars. It's a glorious pop music moment. 26 Seconds of vile Tory austerity disintegrates into menacing rock music.

It’s one thing to attack, it’s another to take people with you. In Stephen Barnes’ vocals, they have an instrument to do just that. They’re the musical equivalent of the Phil Kingston, the climate change protestor who sat upon a DLR train for his 83rd birthday. They carry a depth of love and selflessness you simply have to follow.

Barnes has always carried melody well but, this feels more like a performance. Throughout, he threatens a Johnny Rotten snarling violence but it never fully materialises. It’s pure drama, holing the listener in a state of excitement.

This is a notable point in TYS career. It might not be their best pop single, but it's definitely their most profound. With a new album in the offing, exciting times lay ahead.