The Velvet Hands – This Feeling

Fresh from supporting 2019’s all-conquering heroes Fontaines D.C. and the omnipresent Liam Gallagher, the Falmouth four-piece are back! Their new single ‘This Feeling’, is released on 27th September via Jam X Recordings.

If previous single 'Don't Be Good To Me' was a solid jab, 'This Feeling' is a massive right hook! The brazen NYC rock n roll of The Strokes collides with the Danish punks Iceage. The results, slice of pure devilment.

Despite the chaos, there are moments of pop majesty. The Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist meets Julian Casablancas back ‘n’ forth vocals recreate the Pete and Carl dynamic for a drunken night out in 2019.

Nevertheless, it’s the intensity that overshadows everything here. Pete Shelly may have left this mortal coil but, his soul lives strong and furious in the The Velvet Hands.  

There some moments of real pop majesty lurking within here. The early Libertines back n forth vocals being the cream of the crop. However, it’s the intensity of it all that overshadows everything. With the spirit and the joy of the Buzzcocks in their hearts, it’s to visualise the assault they put upon their kit in the studio.