Getrz - Think of the Future

Swindon outfit Getrz self-released their second EP ‘Think of the Future’ at the end of August. To date, they have been a band that has been scintillating on the live circuit but not transferred that prowess to the studio. Might this be their time?

'She Heard I'm A Dreamer' and 'Annie' suggest both yes and no. Both littered with moments to entice you in but fall short of blowing you away. The former, has an infectious chorus and Tom Meighan inspired vocals but, after threatening the killer solo, it doesn’t materialise. ‘Annie’, signs of with Miles Kane in disco mode and is peak Arctic Monkeys playing their best Pearl Jam riffs but, lacks the hook in the chorus.

The title track will divide opinion. Big resounding rock anthems like this always do, especially when they come with a piano reprise. One man's 'Layla' is another's Bill and Ted. However, the ambition, the vision and crucially, the conviction to put this is out is inspirational. This is the stuff of rock giants 4 albums

What makes you question the missing elements is the sparkling ‘How Do You Think I Feel?’ . A true moment of punk rock glory. Their love of grunge is channelled via a punk-pop playfulness. A sonic that might well take them to stardom.

It goes further than this though. We’ve all heard a million punk-pop tales of relationship woe. Big deal! Getrz though, have that top notch British drama feel to their story telling. Gritty, painful, and laying bare the feelings of the common person can relate to.

This is not the moment where GETRZ breakthrough but, they are peeping over your hedges and ready to burst in!

*Image courtesy of Jon Mo Photography