Lacuna Bloome - Plastic

Brighton four piece Lacuna Bloome release 'Plastic' on Thursday 19th September, the lead single from their upcoming EP recorded at Audiobeach Studios (Producer Forbes Coleman).

It's easy to be swept along by the majesty of their playing. However, on 'Plastic', they have delivered a stunning indictment of the times. With Blake and peak Ashcroft in their hearts, poetic summation and defiance oozes from their souls. The punk insight of Billy Bragg emanates from the line “What you see is out of plain sight / Drifting everywhere” but, frontman Niall sings, it's with Johnny Marr's heart.

Musically, Ride's pop tinged 'Future Love' collides with the thunder of Stone Roses' 'This Is The One'. The sun kissed psyche guitars loop to sail you away to hazy climates in the early stages before, blood sweat and tears of the closing stages bring you crashing to shore.

Those closing moments, they're more than bombastic rock n roll. As Niall wrenches “yes its changing”, something more than music is happening. This is a gut wrenching clarion call echoing the desperation of Ian Curtis on 'Closer'.

Hope has been sparse of late. Maybe, just maybe Lacuna Bloome are the catalyst for the change they passionately decree. Winter is coming but, it would appear this four piece are drawing their Jon Snow battle lines, get behind them and charge into the night!

*Image courtesy of @shotbybutch