Trampolene – The One Who Loves You

Although The Libertines career is not yet done, when you look back, the one thing that halted them from mega stardom was that one single, a ‘Wonderwall’ or ’If You Tolerate This…’ . The type the of hit that X Factor zombies couldn’t deny. Welsh underdogs Trampolene, whose soul is inextricably linked to The Libertines, have returned with that single, ‘The One Who Loves You’.

Is there a purer soul walking this divided kingdom of ours than Jack Jones at present? If this were the late 18th and early 19th century, Jones would be lauded as a romantic poet. In 2018, he is kicked into the margins and forced to scrap his way out of the gutter.

Scrap away he does and, on this unrequited love anthem, Jones has delivered a single that shouldn’t but inevitably will be ignored by day time radio, the break they truly deserve. Find me a teenage boy who wouldn’t cling to this song as they obsess over the girl they’re to shy to talk to, and we’ll drive them to therapy to work on their sociopathic tendencies.