DMA's - For Now

This album is new, apparently and yet, it’s familiarity is immediate. At times, it’s effortless, catchy, and rhythmic, could it be an instant classic?

From note one of opener and album title ‘For Now’, it’s clear to see why Andy Bell professed “DMA’s are the future”. Guitars swirl like Bell’s Ride at their hazy best and crucially, there is a broodiness lying within like early Verve.

Contrast that with 'Dawning', a pure trip down La's and Go-Betweens melody lane. Again, there is an essence of darkness, a snarl which loiters with the utmost righteousness. When spirit and belief merge like this, dreams of big unified crowds materialise.

The quest for purity of soul can, occasionally be there downfall however. A lack of shade dampens the beauty of those magic moments. ‘The End’ and ‘In The Air’ feel like they are reaching for something that isn’t there.

That said, when the C86 ‘Warsaw’ and ‘Lazy Love’ come to the fore, you could hardly blame them for striving for happiness every time. ‘Warsaw’ exuberantly blends Primal Scream’s debut album with the Paisley singles of early Stone Roses. ‘Lazy Love’, channels ‘Elephant Stone' via the indie-folk jangle of Belle & Sebastien’s classic ‘Boy With The Arab Strap’, you’ll wish it rambled on for hours.

An instant classic? It’s a way off. However, they are far more than Oasis revivalists. With Ride, Verve, The Cure, Primal Scream, Go-Betweens, Stone Roses all appearing as influences, a path is emerging for them to find their own voice.

Image Source: Alexander Gow - https://www.facebook.com/lnwyco/